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On the Linux install page, the line:

"The file is compressed and you have to extract it in a suitable folder, remembering that it will be executed from there."

For a total newbie, the phrase "suitable folder" conveys very little information.  Taking a stab at it  :o , I'm putting the IDE in the PUBLIC folder, but I have no idea if that's the best place for it.

If you could make that more explicit, I'm sure users would benefit.


the phrase "suitable folder" conveys very little information.
"Suitable folder" on linux systems (as far as I know), doesn't actually mean very much.
I mean, I have some arduino code I've downloaded on my Mac, and it won't actually work if I try to execute it from the "Downloads" folder, and many Windows setups will get upset if things haven't been installed in standard places by signed installers.  Linux is more like - put it in /usr/bin, put it in /usr/local/bin
put it in ~/bin, put it someplace special that your application manager likes...   "whatever!" (and, alas, the "preferred" location tends to change depending on exactly which distribution and desktop you're using.)

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