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Good day Mr Varesano, I love the work that you have done with FreeIMU. I am currently trying to use your source code(particularly your yaw_pitch_roll example) but unfortunately, I have a sensor that is not supported by your code ( I am using an AltIMU 10 v5 which is comprised of the LSM6DS33 accel and Gyro, the LIS3MDL magnetometer and the LPS25G Barometer). I am able to read the raw data from all of the sensors but I do not know how to incorporate the new sensors into your code.
My question to you is which parts of your existing code would I have to include the different information for the individual sensors? I am really finding it difficult to follow where your code is referencing all of the functions for the different sensors from.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Would it be possible for you to list the components needed for the project?

Thank you!


regarding the forumla
angle = 0.98 *(angle+gyro*dt) + 0.02*acc

which gyro output is used. If it is pitch angle, then is the Y gyro output used?



i have a problem using gyro with arduino if i power with external power supply of 5V then the arduino is callibrating again and again and if connect it directly it has no issues please look at my problem.

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