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hey there,

this is my first post ever so pardon me if i mess up the format.

So i am doing this IoT based project on displaying data to connected display( I've used the MAX7219 module, in this case) with the help of nodeMCU. The idea here is that the string which is stored in my firebase database is to be display on the led display.

I've had no trouble in getting the value from the database to my nodeMCU but there is this little problem with converting that string to char array since the code i am using( Max72xx_Message_serial, which was available as an example with the max72xx library) has used char array but i can only fetch the stored data in string format. I've modified that code so as to connect with firebase but the main issue is to convert the string fetched from the database to char array.

Hope people here can help me with this.... :(

PS: i tried toCharArray() but it still shows conversion error.

I am attaching the code here...

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