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Hi everyone!
Have you guys tried to use a RTOS on this MKRWAN 1300 boards? I just got my board and need to verify the possiblities on programming it, I would like to know if there is a FreeRTOS port or something working on it, over Arduino.
Also, have you ever used the USB host? I will need to communicate with a device that has a prolific USB-serial as it's only communication port. I am not quite sure about how to deal with this.
Thanks in advance.

Marcio Jr.


See this library. https://github.com/gdsports/USB_Host_Library_SAMD
The MKR boards are based on the SAMD21 so the library may work.


That's great, thanks !!!
I had actually already reached this repo before (I haven't the board yet, by that time) but I didn't realized that it was an Arduino lib and has the prolific interface.
I will surely give it a try. I hope I can get some result in this week.


I do not have the same hardware but my guess is USB host mode will work. I sed the library on a MKRZERO which has the same SAMD21.

If the device with USB serial uses the Prolific PL2303, the library includes 4 examples for the PL2303 chip. You will have to try it to see if it works.



That's great. Sounds like good news so far.
My current device is a FTDI version, so I can't take advantage of your examples. I will try to get a PL2303 version to run more tests later.
If you want I can share my results with you guys.



The library supports FTDI USB serial and has an example for it.

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