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Hello all,

For a project I have to make a cradle that rocks. The controller is the Arduino which has to proces some information to actually give a PWM output signal.

I am a bit stuck with the part of moving the cradle. I know that the motor is attached to the cradle on the underside, so it makes like a sliding motion. But then the hard part comes. The motor has 4 inputs, namely frequency +, frequency -, amplitude + and amplitude -.

The motor works on 12V 0.8-1A.

I know that I have to use a transistor to switch between the Arduino and the motor circuit, because the Arduinos 5V are too low for the motor.

I have to get 2 PWM signals out of the Arduino both with approximately 1KHz frequency...
So 1 signal is for the amplitude and 1 is for the frequency for the motor.

The PWM signal of the Arduino is from 0V to 5V, the problem I occured is that when e.g. the cradle moves upward, then it only will go upwards, because the Arduino gives no negative voltage to also move downwards. Also how should I combine the amplitude with the frequency? I really have no idea...
The only thing I can imagine is that during the period time of the frequency the cradle has to go x times up and x times down.

Could somebody please help me?

If the information I gave was unclear please contact me!


The motor has 4 inputs, namely frequency +, frequency -, amplitude + and amplitude -.
Please post a link to the datasheet for the motor so we can see the technical details.

Also post a schematic for your circuit. See this  Simple Image Guide

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.



As it seems to be the motor is connected to an SSC-32U board, this is an servo motor driver.
This is already a big step.
Stil I don't get how to control the frequency.

There are 2 signals that are coming from the Arduino. 1 for the amplitude and 1 for the frequency.
The Servo library really easily helps to modulate the amplitude of the movement.
Only the frequency is a bit vague. Because both of those signals have a PWM of 1Khz.


You need to post all the information you have about the motor, photos if necessary, otherwise we are
guessing completely in the dark.
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