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OK the magic chip can do both WiFi and BLE. Pretty cool. No questions.

But if its going to hog all the available resources then it no longer is cool.

For most of my BLE based projects I use the Adafruit Bluefruit feather and it really is a smart one using the Nordic nRF51822.

Recently I wanted to check out the ESP32 BLE interface. There is a ported library by Evandro Copercini to suit the Arduino.  But then for a simple UART service implementation the compiled code has a whopping size of 1,129,765 bytes !! That pretty much takes about 86% of the available flash on the ESP32 module. Its practically useless that way as within the rest 14% I have to squeeze in the other project requirements. I have RTC . I have LED display drives and user push buttons. Just gave up.

On the contrary the same UART service on the nRF51822 based Bluefruit takes just about 22,080 bytes. Very decent as it leaves lots of space for my other code.

So is the ESP 32 on a Arduino really meant for seriuos buisness or just a glorified interface that just proves a point .... what can be done with the ESP-IDF can also be done with Arduino ? Is that it ?? 


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The Bluetooth bloat on ESP32 is well known, to anyone who has tried to use it that is.

As to why its that way and how it affects Espressifs view of the market place for their ESP32, then I dont know, probably best to ask them, it's their product and their code. 

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