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I am really new to Arduino and I would be very grateful in getting help:  my SW gets data from an accelerometer (ArduinoIMU LSM9DS1) into the void loop(). Simultaneously, I need to write this data to a MicroSD (TINYSHIELD ASD2201-R).

It seems to me that the SD card doesn't work simultaneously with the wire.begin() instruction (needed to get data from the accelerometer).  The SW compiles well but it doesn't run properly.

Any help or idea?

Many thanks. 


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Any help or idea?
Well, I have an idea that you are not having a problem with the web site or with the forum. So, why did you choose to post here?

into the void
Putting data into the void is usually useless. loop() is a FUNCTION, not a void.

The SW compiles well but it doesn't run properly.
What software?

The accelerometer uses I2C to communicate with the Arduino. The SD card uses SPI. There is no inherent conflict.
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