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The serial monitor is a great resource and has the tremendous advantage over external terminal programs to enable uploads without disconnecting/reconnecting the serial connection.

But the serial monitor does not implement VT100 ansi codes.

If it had at least a way to clear the screen and jump to pos 1 triggered from the arduino side, we could have a way to implement non scrolling contents/menus and much more.

Could you please provide that feature?
e.g. just upon Serial.write(12); // ASCII Form Feed (as Clear screen command)

That should not be dramatic to implement and had really a lot of usability increase.


Previous related discussions of this on the developers mailing list:

This proves that a need exists.
I am a bit disappointed that the discussion stalls on apparent performance issues or requirements on accessiblity (narrator). Afaik the narrator will get problems with almost any current serial console serial output anyway!

Would it be possible to just provide a plain "clear screen" byte?

All other options to divert the serial stream to external processors may be sexy for experts but will imho confuse the basic arduino users. I feel that it diverges from the basic arduino philosophy to provide simple IDE tools, that are accessible oob.

I have posted the feature request on GitHub (#8235), with the recommendation to keep it simple an stupid.

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