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In my project, I using this  Mini USB loudspeaker to reproduces sound from Windows 10 OS main audio output, connected with PC from USB Hub also included inside casing box of assembly, which contains mechanics, Arduino Uno controller etc.

The problem is that this particular loudspeaker 42,1 x 84 x 31,9 mm, the smallest one I managed to find, but it's still not small enough to harmoniously be embedded in my assembly.

There is a many examples, how to use loudspeaker with Arduino controller, but how to use it the way I need, to get and amplify sound from Windows OS main audio input with some small loudspeaker, seems impossible...

So if I can't find any smaller device, and controller not able to be wired this way for audio

What is a basic scheme to build small USB amplified loudspeaker myself

Any advice, guide or example would be helpful


Difficult, you need to provide a USB audio device on the USB bus, with all the complexity that entails.

Just pull that device apart?  It looks like it has two small speakers within it that could be repositioned.
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