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That piece is perfect except that it's only manually controlled from the looks of it. That was my original thought to use a speed controller. Something on which I can set a low speed to run continuous from power-up and go to full power when it is switched to do so then return to slow speed when switched off. None that I've found can be augmented off of say, a pressure switch. Then I thought of using the Arduino to control the PWM signal sent to the pump but that then puts me back in the same place unless the Fuelab pump were to be used.
So it would look like either:
Switch = Arduino input->Arduin PWM signal is changed based on switch input->Something that can handle the draw of the pump->Pump

Switch->Automatic Controller->Pump


I've used one of those controllers and controlled it with an arduino.  The arduino basically takes over the role of the potentiometer nob to control the speed.  It's basically a tip120 (what I had at the time) and some resistors.  The other option would be to control some relays from the arduino that choose between the PWM output of the motor controller and a straight connection to the battery.

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