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I use a couple of built in and some other libraries and I think about modifying them slightly to safe memory (i.e. remove or shorten info strings).
I also changed already in one library a hardware address to avoid a conflict with another library.

What is the best practice to do this?
Should I keep the existing file names and just change what I want to change?
Or would it be better and recommended to create "my own" libraries by copying existing libraries to new names and then doing the modifications?

This is for my personal work. I won't publish amended libraries and I am not using them for commercial projects.

I also want to make sure that nothing is overwritten by any updates.

I guess there is already somewhere an answer to this question but I didn't find it.


i make a copy of the library i want to modify, rename it, change the headers etc, put it in a new folder with the new headers, check if i can use it the same way as the original. And then i start modifying it.
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Should I keep the existing file names and just change what I want to change?t.
I strongly recommend that you change the names for the new versions. If you don't you can get in a horrible mess of confusion.

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