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Hi All,
My google-fu is not turning up anything useful.  Hoping some of you fine people can help me figure out what is going on?

Sloeber is adding the RTCzero library to my project all by itself.  it's not a library I use in my project nor is it in the #include list.  When I go to verify the build, I get 97 errors from the RTCzero library for some variation of "RTC was not declared in this scope".

I know what "not declared in this scope" means.  My problem is that I'm not even using this library and Sloeber won't let me delete it, it adds it back immediately every time.  I'm left to assume it somehow needs this library to function but why is it adding it to my project?

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a SW guy, but I have real IDE's at work when I need them and the lack of intelligence in the Arduino IDE is driving me nuts. 

Any idea what is going on here? 

Some examples:
C:\Sloeber\arduinoPlugin\libraries\RTCZero\1.5.2\src\RTCZero.h:32:26: error: 'RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_OFF_Val' was not declared in this scope
     MATCH_OFF          = RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_OFF_Val,          // Never
C:\Sloeber\arduinoPlugin\libraries\RTCZero\1.5.2\src\RTCZero.h:33:26: error: 'RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_SS_Val' was not declared in this scope
     MATCH_SS           = RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_SS_Val,           // Every Minute
C:\Sloeber\arduinoPlugin\libraries\RTCZero\1.5.2\src\RTCZero.h:34:26: error: 'RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_MMSS_Val' was not declared in this scope
     MATCH_MMSS         = RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_MMSS_Val,         // Every Hour
C:\Sloeber\arduinoPlugin\libraries\RTCZero\1.5.2\src\RTCZero.h:35:26: error: 'RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_HHMMSS_Val' was not declared in this scope
     MATCH_HHMMSS       = RTC_MODE2_MASK_SEL_HHMMSS_Val,       // Every Day


Sloeber detects the required libraries the same way Arduino IDE does. You can see the libraries added by Sloeber to your project in the libraries subfolder of the project. You can turn off libraries detection in Preferences. Then you can add the libraries using the "Add a library to the selected project" in the Arduino menu.
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Thanks, I will try that.

What I don't understand is why it's even detecting it?  I'm not using that library.

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