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my Arduino Mega 1280 project works fine, when i connect the usb cable, now i tried putting in  a 8,5V wall wart (center positiv) into the power jack and some of the leds are on but the programm doesnt seem to run...

Should it work, or do i have to add an extra 5V regulator which is connected to the 5V pin?

Furthermore, can I connect the external Psu when the board is connected via USB without damaging anything?

- FLo


What kind of power supply is it?  Have you measured its output?  Is it switch-mode or linear or non-regulated?
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it is a simple 9V dc wall wart. i measured about 8,5V between the center pin and the outer ring  of the jack.

Should this work just like this?


I just used an Wall wart with about 13V
my device functioned but the power regulator left to the power input jack gets hot extremly fast.

what is wrong?

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