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I'm working on reading my Smart Meter (Baudrate 115200) P1 port via Arduino Uno and Smart Meter cable (FTDI).
When I connect the cable directly via USB to my laptop the serial communication works great, I receive good telegram messages.

However I connect this USB with Jumper wires to my Arduino Uno.

Red wire (5V) to Arduino 5V.
Black wire (GND) to Arduino GND.
White and Green to Arduino TX/RX pins.

Via general USB cable I would like the Arduino to print the Serial incoming data (TX/RX pins) to the Laptop via USB cable. However I can't seem to get this to work.

Anybody idea's to help me out?

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Have you been able to prove that your Uno can print anything to the laptop?  Is your code working?  It would help if we can have a look at the code.  Your description points to data coming in from the smartmeter, and data going out to the laptop.  The laptop needs to display the data.

One place to start trouble shooting is to look at each of those three elements and see if you can identify which part is not working.  Here's what I might do:

Add a text message (string) to the code and have the arduino print it on screen.  If that works then look at some way to confirm that the smartmeter is sending data, then if the arduino is receiving the data stream, then if the code is capturing and transferring it towards the laptop. 

At the moment it seems you have no clues about where the process is failing.  That it works directly connected suggests wiring, connection or coding issues.

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