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hi All.. I just joined the forum, so quite new here..

Looking for help getting this 3.5" TFT display for RPi to work with the NodeMCU ESP8266.
(it has the 28pin header like seen on Bodmer's Github page;  Is it Waveshare type?  Don't know)

My connections are
Vcc=5V, DC=D3, RST=D4, TFT_CS=D8, T_CS=D1, SCK=D5, MISO=D6, MOSI=D7
as defined in the Setup10_RPi_Touch_ILI9486.h.

In the Arduino IDE, I have selected NodeMCU ESP8266 and Com3 for my board.  I am using the TFT_eSPI library.   Previously, I had the NodeMCU work fine with a 320x240 ILI9341 based TFT with library supplied example sketches -e.g. arcFill)

For the RPi display,
#include <User_Setups/Setup10_RPi_Touch_ILI9486.h> into the demo sketch 3D cubes -example file under 320x480 display.  No other change.

After upload is done, my TFT screen shows white from Left to approx 2/3, from there a very light gray to the far Right end.  I have tried a couple other demo sketches with the #include..  the display is the same.

I am at a loss..  Much appreciate any help I can get!


That display design is not supported by TFT_eSPI, it has a different circuit design.


Thanks Bodmer.. 

I am saddened, it looked so similar, and so promising; but on closer examination all these 3.5" displays appear slightly different! :(

I like the 3.5" size for my project; Can you possibly point me to the correct RPi 3.5" TFT?



I like the 3.5" size for my project; Can you possibly point me to the correct RPi 3.5" TFT?
Have a look here
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