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I need help to understand what is happening with the LoRaModem class.  In the MKRWAN examples, what do they mean by
"// Uncomment if using the Murata chip as a module
LoRaModem modem(Serial1);"?  If I uncomment it, it still works, but I don't know why or where.

I assume it has to do with the SERCOM configuration for the SMD21 controller, but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding which pins are being used in both the standard configuration (LoRaModem modem) and the alternate configuration above. 

The library documentation for the MKRWAN1300 is inadequate.  I printed out the MKRWAN.h file, but my C++ skills are not that great.  I see where the LoRaModem class is instantiated, but not how the port is configured.

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