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What does it mean to calibrate my IMU sensor? I am working on this self-balancing motorcycle project and was told to calibrate my IMU sensor by rolling, pitching and yawing. However I have no idea what am I doing as I don't really know what is an IMU sensor and what the numbers(0,1,2,3) displayed on Simulink means?

In addition, I was instructed to put a safeguard to ensure that the self-balancing motorcycle turns on only when the IMU is calibrated properly. Why is this necessary? Why can't we just balance the motorcycle without calibrating the IMU?

I did some searching on the internet on IMU and I think it means sensor to measure the force acting on it through sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope. However, I still don't know why is this sensor necessary.

Here is my project, https://create.arduino.cc/edu/courses/mod/book/view.php?id=83&chapterid=86


If your gizmo is to "self balance" it has to know whether it is balanced or not, don't you think?

Overview on IMU function here: http://www.chrobotics.com/library

Tutorial on calibrating the IMU here: https://thecavepearlproject.org/2015/05/22/calibrating-any-compass-or-accelerometer-for-arduino/

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