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I bought in Chinese this led strip and I have doubts:


I do not understand the connections to arduino:

++ - VCC 5V
G   - Green Pin arduino?
R   - Red Pin arduino?
B  -  Blue pin arduino?
W -  I do not know what is

ground not needed?

someone can help me?


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What has the topic title have to do with the question. That photograph is not a Ws2812 strip and IP ratings are to do with water proofing rating, there is no way that photograph shows an IP65 strip.

So post a link to where you bought this strip, the wiring description is not how to wire a WS2812 strip. It sounds more like a 12V RGB strip that requires FET to drive.

Like this link https://learn.adafruit.com/rgb-led-strips/usage only with an extra FET for the white connection.


Sory by topic in wrong local.

Here is link.


That strip you just linked to is not the strip in the first photograph. If you got the strip in the first photograph and orders the strip in the link then they have sent you completely the wrong thing.


 >:(  >:(  >:(

It was what I was thinking.

but can I connect to 12V? And what is w?


W is white, the strip seems to have some separate white LEDs.

As to it being 12V I don't know. Post a better picture of what you have from one cut point to the next.

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