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I know, it was similar topic before, but as far as remember main focus was a little bit different from my expectations.
Let me tell you more, what I'm expecting.

I decided to choose M.A.X. despite its limitations, but its shape is for me more interesting than bigger, newer robots.

Anyway... At this point I'm interested about increasing "social activities" of this robot, I will give some examples:
  • Reading audio books (for children / for adults)
  • Playing songs (from list)

Examples I gave above will need some extra storage - I'm not expecting it could be stored in Meccabrain - this is a reason I'm considering to have something else on-board.

I would like to be able to use a program recognising voice commands and accordingly replaying with pre-recorded sounds with better quality. I can accept synthetic voice if it could be only one option.

Anyone could be interested in mental support this project?

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