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Would it be possible to instance 4 audio oscillators at 44.1khz and then go to a DAC?


Do you mean SAMD21 internal DAC or I2S external DAC?

With SAMD21 you need to pregenerate analog waveform with high samplerate (44.1kHz sin) for DAC and use DMA for transfer.

If that's not enough then you can use Cylone 10 for multiple NCO and use I2S/SPI DAC.


Thx for replying. the project i'm into is a modular synth with lots of cv inputs, knobs and 4 audio outputs.

It's one of the most complicated of our products in terms of connectivity and process, and we're starting to get to make it hardware.

you can see the software version here


We're planning an input pcb board with I2C connection.
Do You think the vidor would be able to manage those high numbers of realtime inputs together with the DAC?

cyclone+DAC is so much more power but also more expensive.
Hope you guys can help


This have already that Cyclone 10 LP so good external DAC is only needed.

First I was thinking of using SAMD21 for ADC for CV inputs and C10LP for signal generation for I2S DAC.

Communication between SAMD21 to C10LP is JTAG for saving pins. There already libraries for that


Actually among the various up blocks there is a sigma Delta DAC that can create analog audio from any fpga pin by just adding a simple low pass filter. Dynamic range can be very high even at high sample rates as we start from 100 MHz... Look for one bit DAC or sigma Delta DAC on the internet for details on what you can achieve.
Doing numerically controlled oscillators is very simple as it's just about periodically reading at different rates a memory with a waveform... We have that in program but didn't have time to go much further so far.

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