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Hey guys, it's me once again,

Currently trying to build a very high performing servomotor from ams AS5048a and some steppermotors for my 6 axis robotarm.
Because I suck at advanced coding I always try to merge libraries/code I can find on the internet.

So I found this wonderful library teensyStep, I have to change up now.
I get most of it, but I don't really get how StepControl.h works with those templates and how it would work with multiple steppers and what exactly it does in general.

Would be nice if someone more advanced could lighten me up there!

Here's the github page/code:


I just need to know what exactly happens if I call move() with 2 or more steppers.
I already got it for 1 Stepper but the very advanced syntax is confusing me.

Also, if u find it more polite if I post all this code as attachment, please tell me!

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Germany, Aachen


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