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Hello to Everyone,

I have a project where I use a Arduino Ethernet:

I love this arduino because in one board I have the processor (Atmel) and the connectivity to the ethernet (no need for a ethernet shield1).

I would like to know, if anyone can tell me what would be the rest replacement (and code compatibility).

Boards with Ethernet I found this 2:
https://store.arduino.cc/genuino-yun-shield (it's a shield)

The Yún board it's based in Linux, and not on the Atmel processor... So i'm not sure of the code I have will be compatible...

Thus enyone already need to find a solution?

Best regards,


Yun doesn't support Ethernet library.


There are 3rd party boards; e.g. at robotdyn https://robotdyn.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=eth (list does not contain a 328P based board).
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There's a range of compatibles with on-board Ethernet.  This one has been my favourite for years:


The closest official replacement would be one of the Arduino MKR boards (MKRZERO is a good choice) with the MKR ETH Shield. I realize that's not exactly what you're looking for since it's not a single board, but it is smaller than your Arduino Ethernet (though a bit taller). Often, you will find that Arduino code will work with one of the modern SAMD boards as well as the classic AVR boards but in some cases you will find libraries or sketches that contain architecture-specific code and requires modifications to work on another architecture.

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