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We have a idea to build a truck for kids using base of wheelchair. Our question is how we can replace the joystick with forward and backwards option. Also how can we make it go forward using pedal.

The reason for this is we have a educational traffic city and we would like to offer kids something new and fun.

I would really need your help with ideas and how we should build it.

Wishing you guys all the best


If the wheelchair uses a classic style of control system, the electronics will be quite complex and your best bet is to make a mechanical foot operated linkage to operate the joystick directly.   Endeavouring to electrically replace the joystick will not be a simple operation if you want effective speed control in either forward or reverse direction. 

A mechanical gear lever acting on the foot-pedal linkage will permit the joystick direction to be reversed and so achieve the reverse drive of the truck.

If you can provide specific details of the wheelchair control system you might get more constructive suggestions.


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I'm making a go kart from a mobility scooter . I bought this with a damaged speed controller .So.....
I will build my own fet h bridge controller , connected to an Arduino . I will use a pot as the " accelerator " input and use that to alter the PWM signal to the H bridge.
The motors are usually DC brushed motors , you might have two that are operated individually by the joystick on a wheel chair ,  But if you are having a steering wheel for your cart , junk the electronics and just connect the motors in parallel and use something similar to my description. Note you can buy cheap dc speed controllers on eBay  , if you want to go that way.


I concur with Hammy that that's one way of doing it, but if you can make a mechanical linkage to the joystick then no messing with electrical drive systems required.  (Anti-arduino project ?)

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