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I have been working on attiny85 uC using Arduino IDE. But I have been facing problems as it is my first project using attiny85 with Arduino sketch. My task is to control ADXL362 sensor which most of you may have work with but my constraint is to implement it through SPI comm. but to work with attiny have to use compact SPI library by jchristenen on github.

I have used the standard SPI library at first which is not helpful in my case so i have switched to tinySPI library to limit the functions. But now when I try to read the temp/ or any axis data through it. This gives me error saying serial is not defined. I have modified the libraries a bit to only include those functions that are of my use and removed extra functions.

I want to ask that does serial comm. make some problem with SPI or does the data intermingled if we try to use SPI comm and at the same time try to look at serial the output of the programme.

Any seniors help would be much appreciated.

Coding Badly

This gives me error saying serial is not defined.
"This" being the compiler?

Assuming the answer is "yes", you failed to post your code.  Please use code tags.

Any seniors help would be much appreciated.
That's very ageist of you.


The tiny85 does not have hardware serial.  Serial has to be done with software.

Read the how to use this forum sticky for some guidelines on how to ask a question and how to properly post code and error messages.

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