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I noticed that your actual platform is a UNO, however if you can't get what you want, an Arduino DUE has an USART peripheral with the Manchester encoding/decoding option in hardware, easy to use.
Thanks for that information. I'll keep that in mind for my next hardware purchase.

To those of you wondering why I am not using a digital input and interrupts:
The signal is actually only 2.5V for HIGH.
Because I orgininally implemented the code several years ago I had forgotten all about that.

Anyway, I solved the original problem of porting from Arduino to z-uno by implementing serial communication bewtween the two and leaving the RF/manchester part on the Arduino.

Just for your information:
The z-uno environment and compiler are really not fit to implement any complex stuff.
There are many shortcomings particularly in c++, e.g.

no static members
no class inheritance
limited functionality in initialization lists, hence no member variables by reference

Plus, compiler errors hardly ever point you the the correct line of code which makes debugging a pain.


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