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 I want to print numbers on cards, so that they can be assigned to individuals! and they will be dispensed when required by individuals. But I got stuck on a sensor which would detect the number written on the card so that Arduino board can identify that this card is which number, and so, its for someone and dispense it. If the answer also include codes it will be good if you could give with the codes because I am just a beginner in Arduino projects I don't know much about coding.


Number recognition generally requires image processing, and that is not something the standard Arduino can do.

You could make up cards with two or more colors, and use the Arduino compatible Pixy camera to identify them.



@jremington The cards have to be more than 1000. so how can I make more than 1000 different colors??


Making cards is not an Arduino problem.


 RFID comes to mind. Or indeed barcode/QR code with appropriate reader (maybe a smartphone which then relays it to your Arduino project over Bluetooth?).
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