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Hi Guys,

I am an Arduino user with very very little knowledge in Electronic. I have a very n000b question:

I want to control 12 Solenoids with DC 12V, the idea is to connect an Arduino Mega to the Solenoids with the help of 12 Relays. The problem: I don't want to use for each Solenoid a 12V power supply, but trying to use fewer power supplies as possible. I want to ask you, is it possible to power 12 Solenoids with DC 12V  with 3 power supplies with an output of DC 48V?

Theoretically, I can power 4 Solenoids with one 48V power supply, or am I totally wrong?

Here below the Solenoids and power supplies that I want to use:


Power Supply:

Thank you very much in advance!




No that will not work.

But you don't need lots of power supplies anyway...a single 12V power supply can supply any number of relays and solenoids provided that it can deliver enough current for them all. When they are connected in PARALLEL (look it up) they will each get 12V.



If you use 48V everything will be fried.  Over-voltage is the most reliable and rapid way to destroy
any electronic device.
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Hi Steve and Mark,

Thank you very much for your Time and advice, i will try out to connect each Solenoid in parallel and power them with the 12V.

I will let you know the result!

Thank you very much!


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