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Hi, I wrote a pyhton program and I would like to use an anlog input to control it. Basically I was thinking to use 3 potentiometers to set 3 different variables and 2 buttons which would activate 2 different method. I'm quite new to arduino so I'm not very sure how to do it. which way would you reccomend me? at the moment I have an arduino Uno board by sunfounder which a friend of mine gave me. would that one be fine? can I handle 5 different analog inputs at once?
thank you very much!


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Did you read the stickied post Demo of PC-Arduino comms using Python at the top of this foprum section?

Just in case, the other side for receiving from the PC is described here in detail: Serial Input Basics - updated; not sure if it's needed but makes a good reading how to approach serial communication.

That should give you enough ammunition.
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