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So I updated the pins in Kg4wsv's example for my mega, and now I am running into the same problems originally encountered in this thread. How was the screen blinking and shutting off after around 10 seconds solved? I don't think you ever said.



Hi guys
I'm pulling my hair here.
Have tried all the libraries in this post and the one in dfraser's one, and i can't overlay anything while video is on. i'm using Pal, and tried  different libraries. When i turn the video source off i get the overlay(see attached pic) Ingenn's code
The code posted by kg4wsv in reply 5 is working, but i need to be able to send number/text from a terminal to be overlayed, through serial.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am having the same problem, used an NTSC camera for testing everything but the camera used in the setup is apparently a PAL.
No video source connected or with the NTSC camera it works perfect, the other one only shows the camera's output.
Took me some time to get the NTSC up and running as well, transferring the fonts with hyper terminal or tera term didn't worked as i hoped.
If I get it working I'll let you know.



I forgot to mention:
osd.PALmode(); in setup :smiley-red:

Everything works now!!


would someone renew the library links given in that topic please. they all seem to be dead.


Could someone please reupload the library?


It seems like the original link to the library is dead. I've spent hours searching and I managed to find this:

At the bottom of the page is a link to download the library. I'm not sure if it's the most recent version of the library, but it works great for me.

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