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I'm working on a 3 phase inverter using Space Vector PWM and I need to synchronize 6 PWM changes to the same clock to ensure they have the same period and start at the same time. And I need to be able to update the duty cycles of these PWM channels every time a vector is synthesized. Also I need to configure the Arduino to Center Aligned mode, but I'm having difficulty understanding in the Atmel datasheet on how to configure the microcontroller to do so. I've been reading the PWM module in the datasheet and I see the functionality I need but I don't know understand how to go about coding it.


IMO the best way to output 6 synchro PWM is to set the synchro mode for PWM with an automatic update of duty cycles by the PDC DMA.

I used this mode recently in a sketch to output 2 synchro PWM, 90° out of phase in this thread, reply #85:


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