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Recently, I've been working on a custom Arduino PCB based off the Uno and using some inspiration from Electronoobs. I've been trying to replace the USB-B Micro port with a USB-C receptacle. It includes all of the same pins the USB-B port has, except I'm not exactly sure what I should do with the unused ports. Should I leave them disconnected completely, or should I tie them directly to ground? I am only using the USB 2.0 connections, utilizing only the power, ground, and D+ and D- ports.

Here's the schematic from Electronoobs' custom PCB
Here's what I currently have in my schematic for the USB-C receptacle

Another quick question, do I need to connect the CC1 and/or CC2 pins for the USB 2.0 protocol? I read on a TI document that there's a loop that allows the 5v to start only after the channel configuration pins confirm the attachment of the plug.

Thanks in advance for any help!


The USB consortium has the FULL specs and requirments for the USB C connector, It took me less than 60 Seconds to find out all the information needed to do what you want (Just use google).
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