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can i programme my arduino nano with arduino uno ??i have lost my NANO cable but i have arduino uno and its cable. can i programme my arduino nano by using arduino UNO and its cable?


You can program the Nano using the Uno as ISP; I've never done it (I use a programmer) so do a search on the web.
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Nano cable is standard mini USB (not the now-more-common microUSB - microUSB connectors on bare boards tend to get ripped off during handling - I think they're meant to have a housing around them to prevent that) - they are readily available, often used for cameras and similar. There's a good chance you have one laying around with other spare cables. Using the Uno as a programmer is a really ugly work around for lack of a $1 (a bit more in retail store) cable.
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There is another solution: remove chip from UNO or block it by shorting RESET and GND (the best with small resistor ~1000ohm) and you can use on-board USB/serial to Nano's Rx & Tx. The RESET signal is little bit a problem. Yo have either to connect Nano's RESET to DTR-RESET on UNO before separating capacitor or do it manually by releasing reset button at right moment at upload start.

However, I have agree with DrAzzy, spare cable should not be a problem... 8)

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