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Hi, I am a total novice when it comes to circuit boards and was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Horizon Omega CS treadmill and there was a loud bang when I plugged it in last week and the circuit board had blown a couple of transistors and a couple of zener diodes. As the diodes have blown, I am unable to test what voltage ones I would need to replace them. I am attaching a picture and would be really grateful if someone could help me. I have looked online for a diagram of the circuit board

Thank you


You are proposing to repair a consumer appliance?

And you describe yourself as "a total novice when it comes to circuit boards".

And you attempt to post links to a forum that requires a login to view it?

OK, I am not just trying to be harsh, but repairing a switchmode power unit in a treadmill is a major challenge to the best of us.   :smiley-eek:

Whether or not I am in that category, the said power board from a treadmill which was handed me by a colleague a few years ago (in the absence of the actual treadmill or needless to say, any information) with a view to my repair, is still sitting pristine in my trophy cabinet as an object for contemplation.


Unlikely to be zener diodes.  Schottky diodes sounds much more likely.

Suggest posting a photo, good lighting, legible markings on components, might be able to tell
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pristine in my trophy cabinet
Why not share a photo of this obviously treasured acquisition?

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