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Witch is the right place to ask questions about translation? I could not find a section about it in this forum.



For translating the IDE's strings, I think this is a reasonable forum section.

For translating the language reference pages, the "Website and Forum" section would be most appropriate:

Translation work on either project is much appreciated. Thanks!


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We have been working in Basque language in Transifex but we don't have enough privileges to aprove changes.

How can we ask for manager privileges?

... and how can we know if our changes have been included in Arduino?


I'm not very familiar with Transifex but from what I can tell it looks like they are all approved. For Basque, it says: "3,159 words reviewed 3,159 words translated 28 words untranslated". I would expect that the review is the same as the approval you're asking about. It does say that there are still 5 untranslated strings but that seems like it means no translation has been submitted for those strings.
How can we ask for manager privileges?
Open an issue report here:

... and how can we know if our changes have been included in Arduino?
The translations are updated just before the release of each IDE version. You can see the latest update here:
This means that all translations made before that time should be in the Arduino IDE and all translations made in the last 16 days will not get pulled in until the next IDE release. You can see the translation files here:


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