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I´ve a Yun Rev 2 and I'm trying to obtain info from a device connected to the USB Type-A port (e.g. a mouse, NFC, etc.).

Anyone knows if is it posible to obtain info from the device by using the Arduino code or if only can be accessed via the Linux side ?
Thanks in advance !!


The USB-A host port can only be controlled by the Linux side. None of the standard Arduino libraries or examples will work with the USB host port.

That being said, I'm far from an expert on the Linux side, and even less of one when it comes to USB. In my limited experience, it comes down to figuring out what type of device you have, and finding/loading the appropriate Linux driver.

If you're lucky, sonnyyu will see this and respond, he has always been helpful in the past. He does have a website where he lists a lot of the techniques he's posted, including a page of how to deal with many different USB devices: http://www.ibuyopenwrt.com/index.php/hardware-and-yun?limitstart=0


Thanks for all ShapeShifter  :)

what a pity, I had hope to use Arduino code - I´ll look the solutions you comment; I´ve seen that it´s posible to buy it but I think is so expensive in case I need work with some devices.

I´ll have a look to OpenWrt software too for working the Linux necessities - do you know how it works to send the code/libraries into the Yun?

Best regards !!

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