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hello all,
few days ago i received my long waited ESP12 dev kit.
when i plug into USB, it gives sound of detected device, but sometimes it doesnt show, unless i keep the RST button pressed, and shows as CH340 chip.
sometimes im able to load nodemcu flasher, and the blue builtin LED flashes which mean it is taking firmware, but on IDE Monitor (Both NL & CR:9600) i dont receive anything for the AT command, not able to load sketches also.
When i tru to upload a sketch it keep giving error messages that something like ( :error unable to upload 1055 KB) or something like this.
is this my nodemcu DOA ??!! or what ?
thanks in advance.


This forum is for Arduino.  We can answer questions that deal with using the Arduino IDE to program the ESP.  Questions about nodemcu are beyond the scope of this forum.   You might have more luck here. http://www.esp8266.com/viewforum.php?f=17

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