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Dec 26, 2018, 01:02 pm Last Edit: Dec 26, 2018, 04:58 pm by WaZzer4893
When i opened the kit and wanted to put together the base where you screw the arduino on, i saw that the base was plastic and not wood like in the book. I searched up some video's and saw everyone had a wooden one. The arduino doesn't fit and i don't have the screws.
Edit: Found the screws. Still don't know how to mount the arduino on the base
Edit 2: Fixed it. Used some foam tape to make it fit.


So do they now come with a plastic base?


I too received a kit with a plastic base.  I am working through project 04 - Color Mixing Lamp right now, and the plastic pieces that are supposed to hold the colored gels over the photo transistors seem to be incompatible as the plastic pieces have three slots, where the illustration in the book has two slots with a hole in the middle for the photo transistor.  So I will either have to fabricate my own or modify the plastic ones.


Same here. I got the yellow plastic base. Wood would have been much nicer but I suppose the cost is higher.

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