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Why is that important?
Because knowing what the system needs to do is important for correct guidance.

The Arduino has limited real time signal handling capability so you have to be careful in your design to see what will work.

You have still not provided what I would call relevant information like of these eight tones are they all needed to be generated similtainiously or at any one time is only one being sent. What is the data rate that these tones are expected to operat at? What is the frequency of these tones?

On receiving is only one tone being recieved at any instant or are there multiple tones being sent at the same time like the telephone system? Again what is the data rate, that is how long do you have to recognise a tone both in terms of cycles of tone and milliseconds?

This is fundamental information that you know but we don't. This will define if your project is possible on an Arduino or not.

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