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Hi guys,

im pretty new to all this arduino stuff and i just want to know if i can stick a normal solar cell i get on the electronic shop nextdoor to my arduino?

something like this: http://www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/191334/SOLARZELLE-9-V109-MA/SHOP_AREA_17618&promotionareaSearchDetail=005

instead of this one, where i guess its for arduino only: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/7840

I appreciate your help!



The one you listed is rated at 9V and 110mA. If you plug it into the the barrel plug jack on your arduino, it will be regulated down to 5V, but 100mA is not that much... That's what a toy motor draws. Your can do it, but you may not get much from it.


100mA should be enough for an Arduino with only a sensor/LED or two - the bare board is about 55mA I think - something of that order.

When the sun goes behind cloud it won't be enough though - but with the right battery and charging circuit...
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Thanks for your help. First thing I want to mention is that I live in Germany, so its very cloudy here most time of the year. Apparently I need to rely on solar cells that catch light even clouds are there. Is that possible?

Thanks anyway!


Without clouds, you have direct sunlight, obviously (think straight lines). Clouds, rain, and any other atmospheric disturbances cause the light to scatter (think angled lines). So in cloudy sunlight, less light is hitting you panel. There is still light, just not as much.


Yeah I was thinking the same way, thanks for your affirmation

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