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I'm probably looking right at this but I can't see it.  Is there a way to just search the Forum for keywords?


Click the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the Arduino website. That will open a search field. It just does a Google search limited to forum pages with the addition of  "site:http://forum.arduino.cc" to the search query. Not great, but it usually is good enough.


Thank you, I didn't think that would just search the forum.  I'll give it a try. 


You're welcome.

The action of the search feature depends on where you are in the website. When you're on a forum page, the search is limited to the forum content. If you're in the Arduino Store, it searches only the products in the store (there is actually a native search feature there). If you're on the Arduino Playground, it restricts searches to the Playground content. If you're on the reference pages, etc. then the search will be over all of arduino.cc


....and on some mobile devices, the magnifying glass icon isn't even visible.


....and on some mobile devices, the magnifying glass icon isn't even visible.
But in that case it's in the menu ;)
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And the search button is very sleepy and very hard to wake it :)


Yeah, that goofy delay! I've never encountered anything like that before.

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