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Hi folks, the MEGA we're using is going to be running in an environment with some vibration and shock during operation, and I'd like to find a clip-in connector. 

The board that I'm using has a different mounting system, so the normal Arduino holes aren't required.  In a perfect world, I'd like to see a clip that has the 36 pins, and clicks into the nearby holes and prevents the header from falling out during deployment. 

I'm fairly confident that nothing like that exists, but I had to ask before we mill or 3D print something. 



I'm not even aware of a non-locking connector for that type of header. Have you found one?

I'd probably change from a female to a male header, then use a standard female IDC connector on a ribbon cable with a couple dabs of hot melt glue if I really wanted to be sure it wasn't coming loose. With so many pins, there should be quite a bit of friction holding the connector in place even without a lock or glue.

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