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Please don't use "mF" for millifarad.  (1mF == 1000uF)  It's use is uncommon because "m" used to be used for "micro", especially on caps.

I cannot disasgree more, use the correct SI prefixes uniformly on every unit, its simply crazy to do anything else.
Any capacitors that old need replacing anyway.
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I dunno.  Modern capacitors are likely to leave off units entirely, leaving you to make an educated guess.
"104" is probably 0.1uF (100nF)   "22" is probably 22uF if its an electrolytic, 22pF if it's a disk.  IN NO CASE WOULD MILLIFARARDS BE A GOOD GUESS!

You have a stock of WW2 disposals parts?
I've got cold-war and 70's computer stuff, and some newer stuff that presumably doesn't have a good excused.
It didn't take me long to find these:


Yep, "mfd", "MFD" ("Mega-FUD"?  :smiley-lol: ) and seriously antique.  Probably still working though, look like quality parts.

Not going to be confused with the SI standard unit "mF".  I'm with the guru.  :smiley-cool:

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