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hi all, i hope it's the right place.

i wanna make a kind of cctv for some time, it's on title, camera with motion sensor that uploads video/photo to google photos via wi-fi. (google photos because we can upload unlimited videos and photos to there)

i am not much experienced and i couldn't figure out where to start.

can someone show me a start point or a similar project that i can follow?

thanks in adv



Use a Raspberry Pi with camera. This software has motion detection and automatic video/picture capturing features. The recorded files are saved to the SD card, just sync them with your google stuff if you think this is necessary.



i was considering using raspberry instead of arduino but was thinking it would be an overkill for a project like this.


I'm afraid that without the Raspberry download on google is unlikely to succeed. At least I have not heard that it can be done on the Arduino. With Arduino Uno saw an example of sending a photo to an e-mail after detecting motion (only over 3G/GPRS, not wi-fi). Some practices can be borrowed from this example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Security-3GGPRS-Email-Camera-With-Motion-Detection/
Best wishes!


Look at ESP32-Cam.  Inexpensive at around $10.   

That has wifi camera, face recognition, sd card etc.  Not Arduino really but is programmed using the IDE.

There's projects using it as a doorbell camera, try a google search I'm sure it will come up.

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