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How would the read keypad part of the code look if I'm using "Keypad.h" because I tried to set it in the setup but it didn't work.
How the keypad code works is very much dependent on your keypad hardware.


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It's just a 4x4 keypad with numbers 0-9, letters A-D , * and #. The LCD display is a 1602 2 line display connected via I2C backpack on the 5V and SCL and CDA lines. And I'm using the Keypad library. Essentially what I need the function to do is wait for the input from the keypad and then set 4 global variables in the program based on which case I'm in. The case will have information such as inverter frequency, phase voltage value, modulation index and most important the period value. But this must happen in the setup


The rows and columns of the keypad are connected through pins 2-9

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