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Is there a source for this?  I need a total of 74 GPIO for my project the official or clone of Mega 2560 and Pro only has 54 digital and 16 analog pins broken out (total of 70), leaving a quite a number of usable pins out of reach.

Using Megacore I could have access to full 86 pins. I had considered soldering thin wires to 4 pins on my Mega board but the pins are very fine, smaller than what I can do.  I've looked on eBay, they are many TQFP100 breakout board but none has ATMega2560 installed and all the ones with ATMega2560 are variant of Arduino Mega or Pro with maximum of 70 available pins.

Is there a place with ATMega2560 on a full 100 pins breakout PCB?


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Crossroads makes one; http://crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/index.html, second item.

He also designed a breadboard version (long and narrow); you'll need to search the forum for that one.

I'm not sure if he still produces; but you can contact him.

And maybe Inhaos; counted the pins but might be wrong.
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You may also use a few 74HC595 or 74HC165 shift registers if you want to stick with a board that's widely available and cheap.
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He also designed a breadboard version (long and narrow); you'll need to search the forum for that one.
It's not going to be fun inserting or removing 100 pins from a breadboard. If I find this one, I'd have it with female connectors on top and use short jumper wires to breadboard.

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