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About Context switch.
if it is easy for me to do the belows, I'd like to do it.
So, please tell me the informations.

 + On arduino(Wio lte//stm32f4), to do task swithing.
    - total numbers of tasks:about 5
    - total numbers of task priority level:about 3


On arduino(Wio lte//stm32f4)
STM32f4 is not an Arduino!

What kind of task do you have? Sound like you should switch to a Linux based board (p.e. Rapsberry Pi). There you can run as many task as memory allows.


uMT - a preemptive, soft real-time (not deterministic) multitasker for the ARDUINO AVR/SAM/SAMD boards:



Thank you for your comments.

Wio lte(stm32f4) is something only that is Arduino IDE compatible.


Have a look at the demo Several Things at a Time. It should be straightforward to add some code to give higher priority to some functions.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Thank you.

I was thinking a different way.
But I think a way using millis is also appropriate.


An stm micro can probably run a standard low-footprint rtos like freertos...
Seems  like overkill for 5 tasks.


I'll investigate about freertos, thank you.

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