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Jan 12, 2019, 03:45 pm Last Edit: Jan 12, 2019, 03:48 pm by sidsr003
I'm using an Arduino Nano to control the base of a 2N2222 to drive a 200 mA motor.
The power supply at the collecter is 3V 1A max so it is sufficient.

When I connect the 5v pin to the base, it runs amazingly, however, when I connect to
pin 9 on HIGH, it barely moves. I used a multimeter to check the current and I see that
the 5V pin allows about 8 mA to the base, while pin 9 on HIGH allows only 1 mA.
Why is this? How can I use pin 9 for around 10mA?

Btw, even the other pins output less current. Only 5v outputs sufficient current.


Did you set pin 9 to OUTPUT mode?
Code: [Select]
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);


Can you provide a schematic for us ?

What value of resistor have you got in series with the connection to the transistor base ?


I have set the pin as OUTPUT and there is no resistor to the base. That's what surprises me.


Sorry, this is a quick MS paint schematic.


You need a resistor between Arduino pin and base of the transistor. You need a reverse diode over the motor.

You might have blown the pin of the Arduino; if above does not help, use another pin to test.
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You might have blown the pin of the Arduino; if above does not help, use another pin to test.
...after adding the current limiting resistor and snubber diode!
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