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Topic: Hands-free car set up bluetooth 4(Phone) to 3(Car) hub possible? (Read 128 times) previous topic - next topic



In my car(2007) is a factory hands-free car set up. Calls and contact data are shown in the car display. Allso can do calls with buttons on steering wheel or scroll in contacts. Since I have a new mobile phone(Bluetooth 4) I have terrible connection problems. My old phone with Bluetooth 3 works perfect. The dealer has no software update for that issue.

So I think about a hub like this:
Phone(BT4) --> (BT4 Module + Microcontroller + BT3 Module) --> Car(BT3)
It allso has to work vice versa for reading the contacts.

Is something generally possible?
Which modules would work?
Is this possible with an arduino or do I need more power?

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I don't know if you can do this with Arduino. I suspect not, and am pretty sure that, if you can, all you will find is that you are moving the problem rather than fixing it.  I believe the first thing you need to do is find out who else has the problem. I don't, I suspect nobody else does, and the problem is the phone.


Well it is definitely not the phone. Works perfect in brand new cars.

It's a known problem with thousands of users. Also with other car brands.
It appeared a few years ago with the Iphone and BT4. Now this days has cheaper phones also BT4.


Well, at least you have tested the phone, but working in a brand new car doesn't actually absolve it. A BT4 phone should be backward compatible with earlier bluetooth versions. My cheapo Sony BT4.1 phone has no trouble in our ancient Getz, and I'm afraid it never occurred to me that it might.

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