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Hi All,

I have just got a couple of DIYMORE Boards.

I already have the Pro Mini Atmega328 5V 16MHz Strong and the NANO 3 Strong as well - Of which BOTH works wonderfully with Arduino IDE. I want to be able to make the NEW boards ESP8285 and ESP8266 to work as well.

This board:(Marked the LED)


I am trying to upload a SIMPLE Blink sketch and I can NOT make the LED Blink.
On the board there are TWO LEDs - One is ON and the other marked "L" - this one I want to be able to Blink - And I can't. :(

I have tried to upload a simple Blink sketch defining the GPIO for the led as well - with no luck. Added:
Code: [Select]
#define LED_BUILTIN 2

I am getting Errors all the time when I use the following Settings for this board on the Arduino IDE:

I am NOT able to work with the Board - I need to press the FLASH Button in order to make it work - But even after doing that I am NOT able to make the Little "L" Led Blink as I want to.

I also have the ESP8266 Board from DIYMORE and I have not tested it yet - I want to be sure that I have a functioning boards before I work with both of them.

I would be happy if someone can assist me and Help me making this board work and understanding how to work with it. It is a great board for what I want to do since it have break out all the pins wth Ground and V on each one - Easy Sensor Board!

It seems that I am missing something and I would be happy to know what?
Please advise and assist.




Well I did Not.. But I have tried all from 0 to 16 and it did not work as well.
I just followed the last reliable post that was about ESP-M2 WIFI and mentioned it should be on PIN 2.

But as I have mentioned above - I Tried them all (from 0 to 16) and Nothing.
Should I try a different settings??

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