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So long story short, my partner has idiopathic epilepsy and has tonic-clonic seizures every few months. Luckily I have been around her when its happened most times so I've been there to help, but I'm afraid my luck might run out one of these days. I want to make a wearable device that can detect symptoms of someone having a seizure and alert me when I'm at work or out of the house. I have a few ESP32's and ESP8226 NodeMCU microcontrollers which I plan to use along with the Arduino IDE. I also have an ADXL345 accelerometer and an LSM303DLHC accelerometer/ magnetometer.

My thinking is making a pedometer-like device that can count steps based on the variations in readings from the accelerometer but can also identify a seizure if say the frequency in movements exceeds a limit.

I'm lost on how to do this. Can anyone please help me with this? Or advice on different hardware, ideas, algorithms, libraries, etc?


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That would be one place to start (and the links therein) given your description of your chosen solution. 
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